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Author: Catalyzing Change

Should We Bring The Woolly Mammoth Back To Life?

“Best Preserved Mammoth In The History Of Paleontology” Scientists announced in September, 2012′ that they had found a 10,000 year old Siberian Mammoth perfectly preserved in the ice with both flowing blood and muscle tissue. It was found buried in ice on the Lyakhovsky Islands off the coast of northeast Russia. Scientists poked the frozen mammoth with a pick and dark liquid blood flowed out. The lower part of the body was underlying in pure ice which helped keep it preserved. The temperature at the time of excavation was -7 to -10ºC. It is being called the “Best preserved...

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The Dogon Tribe Of Africa And Their Extraterrestrial History.

The Dogon Tribe of Africa And Their Connection To The Stars One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars is the history of the Dogon Tribe of Africa. There are between 400,000 and 800,000 Dogon in a remote civilization in the central plateau region of Mali in Africa. The Dogon culture is known for its detailed, meaningful art and tribal customs, but the Dogon are mostly known for their ancient, accurate cosmology and the legends of their ancestors from Sirius. The Importance of the Dogon hit the western world in 1930 when French...

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Edgar Cayce “The Sleeping Prophet”

A Brief Intro to Edgar Cayce & His Importance to Humanity Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) During 43 years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce gave over 14,000 “psychic dissertations” or readings. Other than healing thousands of people, he spoke of topics from our ancient history & Atlantis, our future, reincarnation to extraterrestrials and the secrets of ancient Egypt. Edgar Cayce was an American psychic and healer who had the ability to tap into the Akashic Records while in a self-induced hypnotic trance.  The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” is explained as the universe’s super computer system. It is...

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Gorilla Reunion: Damian Aspinall’s Extraordinary Gorilla Encounter

Damian Aspinall reunited with his friend gorilla, Kwibi, after five years back in 2010′. Kwibi grew up with Damian at his Howletts Wild Animal Park in England. In 2006′ when he was five, he was released into the forests of Gabon, West Africa as part of conservation program to re-introduce gorillas back into the wild. During this reunion Kwibi is 10 years old, much bigger and stronger. The silverback is now fully integrated into the wilds of Africa and is regarded as dangerous, having attacked other humans. But Mr Aspinall was determined to have a reunion with Kwibi. Mr...

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800 lb Grizzly Bear is Man’s Best Man At His Wedding!

Naturalist, Casey Anderson is so close with his pet Grizzly bear, Brutus, who he has raised since birth, that he made the bear his best man at his wedding! Casey Anderson, his wife, Missi Pyle and his pet grizzly bear, Brutus on the day of the wedding. Brutus likes to eat his meals with his friends and family at the dinner table!  ...

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