Rock art of a giraffe, Dabous Niger dated at approximately 9,000 years old



The 9,000 year-old giraffe rock carving at Dabous, Niger in Africa is considered one of the finest in the world. The giraffe appears to have a leash on its nose implying some level of taming the animals. It was found recently in 1999′ on the top of a granite hill by local Touaregs and dates to the Kiffian times (7000-9500 years ago).

The two giraffe, one large male in front of a smaller female, were engraved side by side on the sandstone’s weathered surface. The larger of the two is over 18 feet tall, combining several techniques including scraping, smoothing and deep engraving of the outlines. However, signs of deterioration were clearly evident. Despite their remoteness, the site was beginning to receive more and more attention, as these exceptional carvings were beginning to suffer the consequences of both voluntary and involuntary human degradation.