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Planets, Dwarf Planets and Moons In Our Solar System

Science & Tech
When we think about the solar system, the first thought is that the largest body is the Sun. Next are the planets, then the moons, asteroids and comets.  ...
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The Blue Whale Is Much Bigger Than The Largest Dinosaur

The Blue Whale grows over 100 feet long (the longest one ever record was 108 feet long!)  and can weigh over 200 tons. It is much bigger than ...
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Astrophysicist Dr Gott of Princeton University – Reality of Time Travel

Mystery Science & Tech
Time Travel was once thought of as science fiction. It seemed impossible until scientists like Albert Einstein created mathematical equations that tell us that Time Travel is a ...
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The Wisdom of the Ancient Philosopher – Confucius

Confucius (551–479 BC), the ancient Chinese philosopher Whenever I am looking for some advice or guidance in life, I tend to seek advice from the ancient philosophers. Confucius ...
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The UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora Texas

It seems that the deeper we dig into the UFO phenomenon, there are more and more credible stories that have legitimacy. There are so many hoaxes and fake ...
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The American Lion – Earth’s Largest Known Wild Cat

Did you know that the largest known wild cat of all time roamed America? It was nearly the size of the largest modern day Liger. (Ligers are made ...
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The Dogon Tribe Of Africa Believe Their Ancestors Are From The Sirius Star System

The Dogon Tribe of Africa    Have you heard about the Dogon Tribe in Africa? Hundreds of Thousands of the Dogon tribe occupy a remote area in Mali. ...