Your imagination defines your ability to form an image in your mind without it coming to life through the five senses. Your imagination enables you to create events and objects that aren’t apart of the present, or had existed in the past.

The great thing about imagination is every person has one, it is highly developed in some, while in others it isn’t as readily accessed.  But anyone can unlock their imagination and let it overflow.

A great way to exercise your imagination is by daydreaming. Daydreaming enhances happiness and creativity by letting your deepest wishes and natural instincts out, it is important because it releases the spontaneous and free side of you.

Daydreaming allows you to set a situation which allows you to have undirected thinking. Undirected thinking provides an opportunity for rich material from the deeper mind to rise to the surface of your thoughts.

Using your imagination does not make you impractical or determine whether or not you’re a childish person, imagination strengthens your creativeness, and is great for recreating the world around you.

Exercising your imagination allows you to combine all the senses while you create an image. An active imagination provides temporary happiness, calmness, is a great stress reliever, makes you less likely to feel anxious or depressed, while making you more likely to feel creative and content.

Utilizing the imagination is a great start to being true to yourself. It strengthens your awareness, identity of who you are, and helps you grow as a person by exploring your deepest thoughts.

Imagination can give you an innovative approach in a work setting while it also can improve the mood of others around you because of the content feeling it gives you and the useful ideas it leads you towards.

Everyone uses their imagination, whether they do it consciously or not, during many events of daily life. We use our imaginations while describing an object, event, and when we plan something such as a holiday or party.

Lack of imagination is the root cause of negative thinking, unhappiness, failure, and difficulties people experience. Many people are inclined to thinking negatively so they don’t expect to be successful.

Understanding and constantly using your imagination can put you and the others around you on a path to satisfaction and happiness.


By Joshua Woollard