The Dogon Tribe Of Africa Believe Their Ancestors Are From The Sirius Star System

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa Believe Their Ancestors Are From The Sirius Star System

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The Dogon Tribe of Africa 


Have you heard about the Dogon Tribe in Africa? Hundreds of Thousands of the Dogon tribe occupy a remote area in Mali. Today, they are recognized for their incredible and accurate record keeping of cosmology through art. Legends have been passed down for centuries that their ancestors came from the stars, specifically the Sirius star system.

The Dogon were unknown to the western world until French anthropologists heard legends from the Dogon priests in 1930. These legends were passed down for generations and recorded through art. The Dogon spoke of an extraterrestrial race from the Sirius Star System, referred to as the Nommos, who visited them on Earth.

The Nommos were an aquatic race of humanoids, similar to what we refer to as mermaids. This was quite the synchronicity because the god, Isis, of ancient Babylon is depicted as a mermaid and associated with the star Sirius. The Dogon believe that the Nommos descended to Earth from the stars in an immense boat, that created powerful winds and deafening noise.

The Dogon explained that the Sirius system had another star that couldn’t be seen from Earth due to the extreme brightness of Sirius A. Researchers have found Dogon artifacts dating back over 400 years depicting orbits of these stars.

40 years later, in 1970, astronomers finally invented a telescope that was good enough to zoom in on Sirius and they photographed Sirius B. The Dogon were right! They also identified the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn without the use of a telescope. How could they know all of this before modern astronomers did?


Sirius A is the brightest Star in the Earth sky. Only the Sun, the Moon and some planets in our solar system are brighter. Sirius B is a dense and tiny white dwarf star, smaller than earth, but weighing 8X more than our Sun. It is gravitationally bound to Sirius A and part of the same solar system.

Going back for hundreds of years the Dogon have held a religious ceremony every 60 years known as the “Sigui” to celebrate the Sirius star system. Astronomers now know the orbit of Sirius A and Sirius B is about 50 years. Every 60 years Sirius appears between two peaks on a nearby mountain. For three months before the ceremony, many of the young Dogon men go into seclusion while they speak in a secret language. “Sigui” is based on the belief that roughly 3,000 years ago these amphibious beings from Sirius visited the Dogon.


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By Daniel G. @ Catalyzing Change

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