Astrophysicist Dr Gott of Princeton University – Reality of Time Travel

Astrophysicist Dr Gott of Princeton University – Reality of Time Travel

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Time Travel was once thought of as science fiction. It seemed impossible until scientists like Albert Einstein created mathematical equations that tell us that Time Travel is a real possibility. One man is on a mission to solve the mystery that surrounds us all.

Dr. J. Richard Gott, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences Princeton University, introduced the idea of cosmic string years ago, back in 1991. The name cosmic string is exactly how it sounds. The theory suggest that there are stringlike objects that were formed in the early stages of our universe.

These strings could weave throughout our entire universe, thinner than an atom and under extreme pressure. They would be under a tremendous amount of gravitational pull on anything that comes near them. Anything attached to a cosmic string could travel at super fast speeds and benefit from time dilation, or a difference in the elapsed time measured by two separate observers. By pulling two cosmic strings close together or stretching one string close to a black hole, it might be possible to warp space-time, creating what is known as a closed timelike curve.

Using gravity that is made by the two cosmic strings (or the black hole and string), an object could theoretically propel itself into the past. Listen to Dr Richard Gott in his own words in the video below!


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