“I would like to plead for my right to investigate natural phenomena without having guns pointed at me. I also ask for the right to be wrong without being hanged for it.”
-Wilhelm Reich 1947

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian Immigrant who came to America 1939. He discovered the blue glowing energy that existed in the atmosphere, space and within living organisms. The energy existed in a free form within the open atmosphere and in high vacuum. Reich called orgone energy “life energy”. Orgone could be gathered directly from the atmosphere into a device called the orgone accumulator. By sitting inside the orgone accumulator for a period of 30 minutes/day, the immune system was boosted tremendously, health was promoted and some diseases were treated instantly.

There was no doubt about it, Orgone was the discovery of the century. Put in the words of Dr. Theodore P. Wolfe MD “The most important single discovery in the history of medicine, Bar None!” (Emotional Plague Versus Orgone Biophysics, 1949).

Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of Orgone led to the method to run small motors. He also used Orgone to develop methods to control the atmospheric rain, and clouds which lead to the present day creation of Cloud Busters, now used by thousands to rid the sky of chemtrails. He spoke of the reality of seeding deserts and areas of drought with rain. We would think that all of this would be exposed as orgone would have such a huge beneficial impact on our world, but just like Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich was suppressed and ridiculed by the bankers who funded newspaper articles and magazines. Reich was shut up by way of  the “Scopes Monkey Trial” where he was charged with contempt of court for the “technical violation of an obscure cosmetic labeling law”.

He was sent to prison and his books, research papers, notes were banned from interstate commerce. His existing copies were burned in New York City insinuators. He died in prison due to the corrupt men controlling the economy, financial pharmaceutical companies, and the health of humanity. Since Reich’s death, hundreds of scientists have rediscovered his surviving books to recreate and confirm the reality of Orgone. One such scientist is the director of OBRL, James DeMeo, PhD who has also been ridiculed after writing his books on the subject. He wrote the “Orgone Accumulator Handbook” which is filled with amazing uses for Orgone. The book gives us the exact way to create Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator as the information was passed down from Reich himself. Another book by DeMeo, “Heretic’s Notebook” is full of new experiments of newer scientists uses for orgone energy.

“Failure to use the accumulator in the treatment of severe burns constitutes medical malpractice.”
Dr. Jorgos Kavouras MD